You may request features in this forum. The feature requests that are upvoted most will be treated with a higher priority.
Under review

Add ability to create new bugs by email

Alexandre Madurell 7 years ago updated by AntoFIG 5 years ago 5
It would be great if emails sent to a specific dedicated address could be inserted automatically as a new bug.

Add ability to create your own company specific statusses

IJsbrand Kaper 7 years ago updated by tech 6 years ago 29
Many projects or companies have their own bug tracking processes and / or status definitions. Being able to continue to use these processes will definately lower the barrier to start using the system.

Make option to report a bug that is similar to already reported (merge 2 reports maybe)

Dominik Hrastnik 7 years ago updated by tech 6 years ago 6
If i report a bug that someone else already reported, anyone should be able to reference the new bug report to the old bug report.... makes it easier to track duplicates
Under review

should be able to assignbug to more than one user.

Metod Majchrák 7 years ago updated by brownla 4 years ago 3

Ability to delete a bug (if added by mistake) for a bug reporter

Jan Domiter 7 years ago updated by tech 7 years ago 6
Didn't find any way to remove a bug (that it is not visible anymore). I would allow this only for account manager and a bug reporter.

Add milestones / "Fixed in" version

Kevin B. 8 years ago updated by AlonS 4 years ago 11
I would appreciate the opportunity to add issues to milestones, so i can see which bug is fixed in which version.

Upload of files (other than screenshot or video)

Frank Hammen 7 years ago updated by tech 6 years ago 11
I want to be able to attach other files than screenshots or video's to my ticket (eg Word documents)

Advanced email notification setting

protoball 7 years ago updated by beila00 3 years ago 17
I haven't received any bug mail yet. I would like to receive an email upon bug creation and then upon every comment. I have set checked all the options in my notification settings. :/ I'm confused. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

Invitation or Re_invitation E-mail not received

etienne.driessen 4 years ago updated by Bobino 2 years ago 11

Invitations to new project managers or re-invitation E-mail are not received by users although the tools pops up the message that the invitation has been sent.


is it possible to manage right for profiles?

christophe michel 7 years ago updated by tech 5 years ago 8
i'd like to avoid clients or testers edit bugs reported by other : for example clients does not have to change status of reported bugs by developpers.