Bug notifications email and new invitations are not sent

Luiz Henrique 3 years ago updated by Sammy De Leon Deleña 10 months ago 20

When we invite a new user or the user creates a new account, the confirmation email is not being received. The same happens to send a new bug to developer or project manager.
Help us please, because this problem is harming the continuity of our work.


We have the same issue, we don't get any email notification, neither for a new bug nor for a comment.

same here, no confirmation email

same here. is there an alternative to invite users? like generate a link maybe?


Email notifications have stopped working, this is a critical workflow issue for our team and has been ongoing for an unacceptable period of time, this is a pretty basic function right.


We're on the same boat.


Same. This is ridiculous.


This is definitely not fixed.


This issue has started up again. No invitations are going to user emails even though the notification says  that the invite has been sent successfully


I believe this is not yet fixed.

same issue here, not possible to add a new user.

I can not invite new users as well...

Having this exact problem. 

- New user accounts are not getting the confirmation email.

- Also when inviting people, they are not getting an email invite.

I have emailed support for a resolution.


this is probably a dead project...no one from leantesting is responding anymore