You may request features in this forum. The feature requests that are upvoted most will be treated with a higher priority.
Under review

Add ability to create new bugs by email

Alexandre Madurell 4 years ago • updated by AntoFIG 1 year ago 5
It would be great if emails sent to a specific dedicated address could be inserted automatically as a new bug.

Add ability to create your own company specific statusses

IJsbrand Kaper 4 years ago • updated by tech 3 years ago 29
Many projects or companies have their own bug tracking processes and / or status definitions. Being able to continue to use these processes will definately lower the barrier to start using the system.

Make option to report a bug that is similar to already reported (merge 2 reports maybe)

Dominik Hrastnik 3 years ago • updated by tech 2 years ago 6
If i report a bug that someone else already reported, anyone should be able to reference the new bug report to the old bug report.... makes it easier to track duplicates

Ability to delete a bug (if added by mistake) for a bug reporter

Jan Domiter 3 years ago • updated by tech 3 years ago 6
Didn't find any way to remove a bug (that it is not visible anymore). I would allow this only for account manager and a bug reporter.
Under review

should be able to assignbug to more than one user.

Metod Majchrák 3 years ago • updated by Charles Wood 2 years ago 2

Add milestones / "Fixed in" version

Kevin B. 4 years ago • updated by AlonS 5 months ago 11
I would appreciate the opportunity to add issues to milestones, so i can see which bug is fixed in which version.

Upload of files (other than screenshot or video)

Frank Hammen 4 years ago • updated by tech 3 years ago 11
I want to be able to attach other files than screenshots or video's to my ticket (eg Word documents)

Advanced email notification setting

protoball 3 years ago • updated by tech 2 years ago 15
I haven't received any bug mail yet. I would like to receive an email upon bug creation and then upon every comment. I have set checked all the options in my notification settings. :/ I'm confused. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

is it possible to manage right for profiles?

christophe michel 4 years ago • updated by tech 1 year ago 8
i'd like to avoid clients or testers edit bugs reported by other : for example clients does not have to change status of reported bugs by developpers.

Add a "Reopened" bug status.

Thomas Park 3 years ago • updated by Akash 5 months ago 7
Add a "Reopened" bug status.